Feb. Food For Thought

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From the pastor’s desk

Oh, give thanks unto the Lord for He has blessed us to come into the second month of 2014.  I am thankful to the Lord for what I see in the church as a whole. There seem to be a fire in the hearts of many. The Lord brought us into 2014 and many didn’t say aloud how they were going to change but they just changed for the better. The old saying is “action speaks louder than words” and that is the order of the day. A change is great when it is for the better. It is great to see changes in members for the Lord is moving in their hearts.

The Lord wants His people to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.  There is always room for growth in the lives of believers. We are to grow from one level of knowledge to another level.  A children in school doesn’t stay in the same grade if he does we know something is wrong. The parents will go to the school to see why their child is not passing. They must be concerned for the ability to learn is important. There is not a church member that will disagree with that statement.  Since secular education is important how much more is spiritual education. As your pastor, I want all members become students of the Word.

Our church theme is “LORD ORDER MY STEPS” Ps. 119:133. It should be our desire to have the Lord to order our steps. If a believer order his own steps he will go the wrong way. Time is too short for believers to be going in the wrong direction. All of us need the Lord to lead us so we will be headed the right way. Each and day we all need to ask the Lord to order our steps. Where would you be in your spiritual walk if you allow the Lord to order your steps? How would you share with others about your life getting better by asking the Lord to order your steps? Can you help someone else to give himself over to the Lord? The Lord wants you to help lead others to Him so their steps can be ordered.